The Fast Swap Frames

Give your walls some Instagram love. Introducing Thumbtiles, the fast swap frames for your mobile photography. Grab a few favorites from your photo stream. Swap them out when you're ready for something new. Your phone shouldn’t have all the fun.

As Seen on Kickstarter.

A Modern Frame

Thumbtiles want to bring the photo party to your walls. Slim, frameless, refined through dozens of iterations, the unframe. Like freshening up the wallpaper on your device, they're built to be changed easily (held tight by the strongest magnets around) and mounted clean (with removable wall dots).

It's a simple idea. A sleek photo holder that can be refreshed in an instant. The conceptual tweak's the thing though. Making the jump from wall photos as permanent fixtures to wall photos more like a photo stream, opens it up and makes things fun again.

• Minimal, frameless design.

• Instagram and Hipstamatic ready.

• 8" square. Print at home, at the store, or online.

• Neodymium magnets, the strongest magnets around, to secure your photos in place.

• Removable Glue Dots to hold your tiles to the wall. Stronger Glue Dots also included when more tack is needed.

• Great with any square photos.

Available Soon

Note: All Thumbtiles are on backorder right now. New sizes are also coming. Sign up below to be notified as soon they become available. Thanks for your tremendous support!


“A fantastic idea.”
- Dan Rubin, renowned Instagramer

“Modern, clean, versatile. Simply, the coolest invention I’ve seen in a while.”
- Joy Watson, Modern Joy Photography

- Rob Sylvan, Author Lightroom for Dummies & Taking Stock

“You have come up with something I really want and need without me even knowing I wanted and needed it.”
- Kickstarter contributor

“I really hadn't been interested in printing my photos the last few years until I found these.”
- Jim Cook, avid photographer

“A little bit of genius.”
- Photojojo