Paris Touristique

Lovely Paris set from Betty Jane Farrier.

My Collection

Great vintage camera collection from artist Chloe Smith.

Holga 120CFN
Kodak Brownie 127
Polaroid Super Colour Swinger
Kodak Jiffy

Jacki, Jack & Matilda

Beautiful portrait series from photographer Joy Watson.

Found Hearts

Delightful collection from Peter Jones, who's considering a book.

Limestone deposit on redrock, West Fork Oak Creek Arizona
Melting snow
Small piece of rusty metal roofing, found in street


Lorraine Healy:

"The images were all taken with a Holga or a Diana camera in the Palouse area of Eastern WA in the summer of 2010, at harvest time."

A great feel for light and space.

Photo Credits:
All by Lorraine Healy

Green Lake Morning

Expert Hipstamatic set by Rachel Marie, aka iwife on Instagram.

Natural History

Some fine shots at the American Museum of Natural History.

Photo Credits:
Miniature installations - Arab World
Miniature installations - People of North Africa
Artifacts from Turkey
Miniature installations - People of China

All by Laszlo Kiss

Leuven Doors

Magnificent collection of doors gathered from a stroll through the streets of Leuven, Belgium.

Photo Credits:
All by Stijn Knapen / Stinus87


Fun sequence, beautifully captured.

Photo Credits:
All by Rob Sylvan


Photo Credits:
神戸花鳥園 (65) by merec0
Peacock Camouflage by notcub
peacock by Jos / ynskjen
Peacock (detail) by Evan Leeson / ecstaticist

Rome Street Scene

A master of the square format. Spare images enhanced in Lightroom to great effect. Keeps a series of before and after shots.

Photo Credits:
Italy / People / Shopping / Travel by Andrew Smith / CubaGallery

Travel Journal

Amazingly thorough. More here.

Photo Credits:
Morocco Journal 2007 - pg.19-20
Morocco Journal 2007 - pg.3-4
Morocco Journal 2007 - pg.45-46
Morocco Journal 2007 - pg.5-6

All by Kolby Kirk / retro traveler

Apple, Upper West Side

1981 Broadway
New York City, NY

The Grand Opening.

Photo Credits:
Upper West Side - Apple Store
Upper West Side - Apple Store
Upper West Side - Apple Store
Upper West Side - Apple Store

All by Rob Boudon

Apple, SoHo

103 Prince Street
New York City, NY

Once a post office.

Photo Credits:
The Genius Bar, Soho Apple Store by David W. Lee / DaveMN
Apple Store SOHO by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid
Hipsters Outside of the Apple Store by Rachel Pincus

California Academy of Sciences

Renzo Piano, the architect:

"A green roof, landscaped with native plant species, unifies the different functions. It undulates to accommodate the Academy's major components: the new planetarium, the Rainforest Exhibit and the Steinhart Aquarium entrance. In the center of this "Living Roof" a glazed skylight covers the Piazza, while other smaller skylights allow natural light into the exhibit space and provide natural ventilation."

New in 2008. If in San Francisco, not to be missed. Some great shots of the roof from a camera on a kite.

Photo Credit:

Lego Star Wars

Very well done. More here.

Photo Credits:
Boba Fett, Rebel Scout Trooper, Stormtrooper
Darth Vader, Rebel Pilot Y-wing, Obi-Wan Kenobi
Snowtrooper, Han Solo, Imperial Officer

All by T.Oechsner

Final Liftoff


"Rising on twin columns of fire and creating rolling clouds of smoke and steam, space shuttle Discovery lifts off Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on a picturesque, warm, late February afternoon. Launch of the STS-133 mission was at 4:53 p.m. EST on Feb. 24. 2011."

135 missions sent. A look back at the program.

Photo Credit:
STS133-S-036 by NASA

Disney Concert Hall

Design began in 1987. Building opened in 2003. One of Gehry's finest. Good review from Christopher Hawthorne.

Photo Credits:
Disney Concert Hall by Frank Reyes
Disney Hall tiltshiftmakered by Elizabeth Herndon
Frank Gehry Partners: The Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA by Jason Pier
Deep in Thought by Pamela Ortiz